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Profiling Process with Opus® & MiWay®

The profiling process will normally be in 4 parts and takes about 3 – 4 hours.

  1. Insight into thinking abilities
  2. Insight into acting abilities
  3. Use of abilities in practice
  4. Important values

Insight into thinking abilities

You will be asked to read a short case study that is realistic and relevant to the company’s business. However, you will not be expected to know any detail about the subject covered by the case. The interviewer will only be interested in how you think about the problem, how you use your imagination to recognize options and alternatives, and how you determine the priorities for action to solve it.

Insight into acting abilities

With a role-play you will be confronted with a different scenario. You will be asked to deal with the ‘person’ and the ‘problem’ as you think is appropriate. Again there are no right answers. The interviewer will be concerned with how you deal with the pressure of solving an escalating problem, face-to-face and in ‘real-time’.

In these first two parts the problems you will have to consider will become increasingly complex or ambiguous. At a certain point you may find that the problem has gone beyond your ‘comfort zone’. The interviewer will normally recognize at once when this point is reached and come back into the zone.

Use of abilities in practice

In this part of the profiling there will be no new problems but a reflection on your experiences in your career. The interviewer will ask you to discuss some aspects of your previous work experience such as a project with which you have been involved. The focus will be on what you have learnt from this experience and how you have been able to transfer your abilities into practical competences.

Important values

Finally, we help you explore what you value as important. The method looks for the pattern of values that emerge when you make decisions and give you satisfaction in your work. A software tool supports to determine the patterns that emerge when you make decisions in response to a series of situations where values are important. Miway is also available online via Please contact us to receive your password so you can do the test at any moment that suits you best.


Approximately a week after the profiling you will receive the results. The report is mainly about your talents and how they can be used for further growth of yourself and the organization.

Possible impediments will be mentioned as well including how to avoid stress and disappointing results in the future.

You are offered four days to read the report carefully before we pass it on to your organization. This way you have enough time for questions and remarks.

After the profiling the interviewer will meet you for a feedback conversation, an explanation of the realization of the report and about future career choices. This feedback conversation could take place directly after the profiling.

You will gain good insight how to develop your competences further. In short, you will receive a clear guideline for your future career.


Your individual profile reflects your current talents and where you are with your career now. It is an objective basis for a discussion about performance and future possibilities. We imagine that another re-profiling in about 3 years may lead to new insights.