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Assessment with Opus® & MiWay®

Individual growth depends on the use of your natural talents and the possibility of fulfilling suitable roles within the organization. Using your talents will give you more satisfaction, less stress and will reflect in your results.

Most work has intellectual and personal challenges. Everyone has his personal make-up of natural abilities, knowledge and experiences with which these challenges are taken.

If personal limits are exceeded, uncertainty and stress will increase and cause more failures and less pleasure in work. On the contrary, talent in the right place creates movement. Their contribution is essential in every organization

Potential and competences

According the Opus® method potential is based on 6 qualities that determine success in work. These qualities fall into 4 key questions:

How do you think?

How you think is the level of complexity at which you can operate comfortably. The qualities are: Analytical Thinking, Creative Thinking and Judgment.

How do you act?

How you act is the degree of uncertainty and ambiguity with which you can cope naturally. The qualities are: Task-oriented, Flexibility and People-oriented.

How do you learn?

The way you use these qualities to become competent.


According to MiWay® values are based on personal drives which influence our behaviour and observations. The key question with values is:

What do you value important?

The pattern of values that have been shown important to you in your work and career reflect what you value as important and meaningful.